About IF Weddıng

IF WEDDING FASHION İZMİR  "13th Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair" will open its doors to the world between  22nd – 25th of  January 2019 at Turkey’s largest and most modern exposition center, "fuarizmir’’.
As one of the largest fairs in the industry, IF Wedding Fashion İzmir will host local and international sector professionals for the 13th time! 
İzmir is Turkey's entrance to Europe and the Middle East for wedding dresses, suits and evening gowns industry that offers the best opportunities to border markets.
IF Wedding Fashion İzmir, where the heart of the fashion industry beats, will provide the major contribution to the sectoral development and the economy.
IF Wedding Fashion İzmir, where you can explore new markets, is the right preference for getting maximum profit with minimum cost.